Life changes us and we change life.

Life changes us and we change life.

Some think that life as we know it is predestined. That’s not my thoughts though. After being born and becoming old enough to make decisions has nothing to do with pre destiny. Instead it has to do with choice.

Circumstances may change some decisions but you can always change your circumstances. If you don’t like what’s happening in your life right now, just make your mind up to change it. Try something different even if it’s not what you want at the time.

An example might be something like this. Your cell was forgotten at home because you changed bags. You have a flat tire out in the country away from everything. Now that’s pretty bad but you discover that your spare is flat too. Will you hike until you find someone to help? Or, and this is my choice, will you drive on the flat tire, ruining the rim until you can find help?

Each of those choices has some impact on your life at the moment, from monetary to stress. The decision you make in the midst of chaos may not be intelligent or what you perceive as the right one to preserve income but it might be the best for your life. Once you’ve found help for the spare tire and you’re safe, you can get on with your life.

Just think about it. We’re born without being capable of handling our own lives, diaper changes, food and other necessities but we learn with each new event in our lives to care for ourselves eventually.

That’s how life is. It is a constant change happening while we think we’re living in safety. Experience is the grandest teacher and you can’t really get that know-how without change.

Da Juana