Life is a recyled project…..

Life is a recycled project whether you want to believe it or not and God is the greatest of recyclers.  You’d think we’d get the gist of it ourselves.  All of us are guilty of polluting our planet and ourselves.  I don’t really know people who aren’t.More...

There I go off on a tangent.  What I really mean to say is, with life being a recycled project, we come back again and again.  Each time we return we bring certain personality traits with us that we retained from other lives.  So, in effect, we are the sum of our existence both past and present.  Because, just as a snowball rolls down a hill, it starts out without all the snow it’s going to pick up on its way down.  The extra snow is life experience for the snowball. 
So, if you’re someone who is quiet in this life, you have to wonder what part of a past life created this personality trait in you now.  Maybe you were a person who had to quietly sit and hide to keep life and limb.  In this life, you may not have the same hindrance but you might still have some of those paranoid fantasies.  It’s truly understandable. 
What’s even more fascinating is that you might hate a certain type food, then at some point in your life, maybe after a dream, you start craving that food.  It happened to me after a dream/vision where I saw myself in a room, as a man, with other Cantonese lawmakers/elders.  Up until then I’d hated Chinese food.  Now, well, you guessed it.  What’s more?  How did I know it was Cantonese?
Look yourself over for some unusual trait you might possess such as likes and fears.  Then ask yourself where those likes and fears originated.  Bet you’ll marvel at your answers.
Da Juana