Life is Psychic


Da Juana Byrd

Medium and Psychic


 Da Juana Byrd, Psychic and Medium

Okay now I’ll bet you’re looking at this page and thinking What is Da Juana Byrd thinking when she says life is psychic? And I’ll say it again really quickly, Life is Psychic, and then I’ll go into my reasoning behind it.

The act of impregnation is psychic. Possibly not in the way you’re thinking but that can lead to a metaphysical experience too if you know what I mean.

No, I’m talking about sperm traveling to meet the egg, then doing what a sperm and egg do.

Moreover, this is a blinding impulse for all species to procreate so much so that some die after mating. You’d think that if the most important drive in life is stay alive that dying after copulation as with the praying mantis would result in less sex but even mantis can’t help themselves. Think on that for a moment.

No, I’m talking about the actual fetus. All animal fetuses look the same for the first few weeks at least to me. Note a puppy dog fetus and a human fetus aren’t much different in looks then. DNA at some point changes the physical form and creates whatever the animal is supposed to be. This was done at the time the sperm met the egg. If that doesn’t appear paranormal to you, it does to me.

Life and Spirit

Now for the sake of learning about us humans from my standpoint let me mention that this psychic and medium has seen when the spirit takes the body. That’s psychic life in a nutshell if you think about it.

Your spirit was on the other side of physical life waiting and deciding when you’d take the new carnal form that was being provided when your parents decided to have sex. I know this sounds too simplistic but life really is simple.

Some spirits take the body at conception. Others wait until later even at the point of delivery or a little after. Think about it. Who in their right mind would want to take the body of an infant when it has to be completely taken care of by someone. First its mother and later by both parents if they are together. It is a corporeal jailhouse for the person coming into the new body and one of the spirit’s own making. You can see how that spirit might want to wait as long as possible to take over that sweet little body.

The spirit has its memories from its life before. All it can do once inside the new infant’s body is to think. Then the baby starts trying to gain control of its body which takes a while. All that time it’s totally dependent upon one or both parents for every need. Wow, doesn’t that make you think about what you did to become part of earth’s population.

And that brings up more “Life is Psychic” options. Of course, every choice we make leads to another “Life is Psychic” option as well.

Is it Psychic?

Let’s play psychic “what if” for a moment. What if the mother and father of this new spirit didn’t really want this baby? What if the mother got pregnant after a one-night stand? What if both parents wanted the child? What if the father is the only one who wants a child?

In all these separate questions, psychic decisions have to be made as choices that become answers.

When you make a decision that affects your life it affects you in a spiritual manner which is a psychic moment. Life is made up of many psychic and thus spiritual moments.

Spiritual Living

Reflect on this. We’ll take one scenario and you can think of the rest of the questions and their particular outcome later. While reflecting you’ll realize from each question that choices we make are spiritual dilemmas waiting to happen and then waiting for another choice to be made.

Most people like it in black and white. The mother shouldn’t have committed to allowing sex if she wasn’t ready for a baby. The onus lies only with her. That’s black and white thinking but psychic life isn’t all black and white. There’s blurry lines of gray.

So, let’s look at Momma psychically. Mother decides to have this baby on her own but she’s very young and doesn’t know how to take care of herself much less a baby too. Other circumstances, and I don’t believe in circumstance, is that her father and mother are very religious and they don’t intend to have a daughter that commits adultery in their house. Wow, see how it escalates.

The mother of new baby is trying to do the right thing, the black and white thing, in her mind. All decisions she makes are for her and her baby but now she’s out of her parents’ house. Where does she go? What does she do? You know this hits this poor lady on a psychic level that can upset her whole world.

Her Mother and Dad tells her they’ll help her if she gives the baby away. Psychic decision again tearing out her heart but she doesn’t even know this baby, or does she? Knowledge of each other in a psychic manner is another psychic event in both the mother’s and the baby’s life. This is the beginning for the young baby of a young mother. Will mother keep him or give him away to a stranger or do what most conceive as murderous?

From my perspective and in dealing with ghosts or spirits if you’d rather, the child knows the decisions before coming into this woman’s womb as to what the circumstance of his birth and thus his life will be. This child gives control to mother ultimately for decisions to be made on his life as well. Nothing is predestined. It’s only choice.

Most parents believe they choose their baby’s name. The child on the other side knows better. Here is another instance of Life is Psychic before the child leaving the totally spirit world to become a physical being or when the spirit inhabits the baby’s body.

If mothers and fathers were the ones who named their children it would be very easily done. There wouldn’t be any this name doesn’t feel right stuff. You’ve heard it. Or if it’s a boy we’ll name him Otto and if it’s a girl she’s Harriet. When the right name pops up the parents know it instantly. That’s because the baby communicated to them in some manner that was his or her name and it felt right. See Psychic living at its best here.

As my daddy used to say, “Don’t harp on things to long,” so I’m going to sum this baby’s life up in a hurry which isn’t easy because there’s so many spiritual decisions to make along his life but we’ll skip to the end just for time’s sake.

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Death is Psychic

Let’s say this child grew up, had children and is a healthy, happy much older man now. Do you think that he makes the decision to leave this physical life easily? Remember that life is something God gave us the overwhelming instinct to preserve even over sex. We’re supposed to keep our physical life safe at all costs.

To add to this great life the pressures of his life such as one of his son’s divorcing when he doesn’t believe in divorce or his daughter having two miscarriages have been weighing him down. Stress is an emotion he’s been encountering every time he looks around. His wife died about six months ago on Mother’s Day and he’s now alone.

Decisions and control are not in his favor now with the family.  Their grown and have their own decisions. He doesn’t want to be a burden to them. This man has a harder time now than he did while he was younger. He’s beginning to miss his old life while he was in spirit without even realizing it. This is done on a subconscious psychic level.

Finally, without even realizing consciously what he’s doing, this sweet man thinks to himself it might be better just to go be with the person he loves most in this world. She died on Mother’s Day. That’s a day to look forward to so that he can be with the one that knows and loves him best.

Within a couple of months his health has gone from wonderful to something much less desired. His children are worried that their father is about to follow the same path their mother did.

Finally, to end the misery after a long illness he dies and it’s not right on Mother’s Day but very close. It’s between his wife’s birthday and her favorite day the year because she was so proud of being a mother.

Now to my point, I want you to think back to times when your family or pets left this earth to go back home to God.

This universe is made from numbers. Without conscious knowledge, it’s an innate thing for everything on earth to have a time to be born and a time to die. Numbers is all it is and conscious choice. No, I don’t believe in predestination. I do believe in choice. And I’m about to show you why.

Look at your family and pets as I’ve mentioned. The ones that were closer or had reason to died about the same time as others they loved in your family or they died on a number that you’d remember easily. It seems to come in clusters although they may be years apart. Either birth or death can bring those numbers home.

My Father’s Death

Here’s one of my examples and perhaps it has more to do with me as a psychic and medium than anything else but I’m constantly learning from my experiences.

I called my father on his birthday which was the twenty-second day of the month. The first thing I said was, “Happy Birthday Daddy,” as you’d expect and then, “How are you?”

My daddy and I had a special relationship. We had a standing date for about an hour’s talk each Saturday morning but this birthday was a necessity for an impromptu call.

That’s when he told me that he was getting tired. I knew instantly that I’d only have my father for another month to the day or month and a half at the most. Didn’t want to think about only a month but knew that was it.

He asked if I understood what that meant and I told him I did. Then he told me he wanted to go home and be with his best friend, my brother. I told him that I understood, “Did he?”

Daddy replied, “Yes.”

Then I said the only thing I could, “Daddy I love you.”

My daddy died the next month on you guessed it, the twenty-second day and four months after my little dog had died on the twenty-second day.

We choose our time to die subconsciously and then put the action into motion within our brains which controls only the body.

Near Death Experience or NDE

Here’s another instance of choosing the time you died involving me. I died in 1980 for fifteen minutes because I didn’t want to do what I’d told Jesus I would here on earth by being a well-known psychic and medium meaning telling the neighbors. This was during a surgery that was major but shouldn’t have elicited this response from me. It did only because I wanted to die easy this life and to stay away from people who wanted to make fun of me. Now I don’t care if they make fun and if you want to make fun, enjoy.

Life by being born and living on this planet, making the best of choices and dying are all psychic or paranormal just by its very being.

Whether you believe in reincarnation, past lives or future lives you know that you have to go back to what you were before you came here to earth, a spiritual being.

I’m going to leave you with one more thing my daddy told me. Sounds like a song, doesn’t it? And it was in a way.

The next year on my father’s birthday after his death I told him, “Happy Birthday Daddy.”

He told me to wait until his “Rebirth day” meaning the next month on the twenty-second.

I told you I was a medium. I hear my daddy speak to me. He made me stop and think. Guess what I told him Happy Re-Birthday the next month too.

Thank God. Life is Psychic!