Live life each day as if it’s the only day you have.  You know we’ve talked about this before but I think it’s time to bring it back up again.  Things happen to make you realize lifes’ importance each day.  Sometimes it comes home even more so and it seems this is one of those days.More...

When I mention that you should live life as if it’s your last day, I mean:  If this is the only day you have, would you work in the same job, stay in the same relationship, see the world and on and on.  It doesn’t mean that you should drop everything and everyone but it means that you should take stock.  Keep the items that make you feel good.  Get rid of the items that bring you down and look forward to experiencing more of those life’s events that make your heart sing with joy.

My heart sings with joy over my psychic ability.  Being able to teach others in a manner that allows me to see them learning makes me ecstatic.  And guess what?  I haven’t been doing as much as I should to make my life sing.  There are other items that make me smile but teaching excites every cell. 

So now I ask you.  What makes your heart sing?

Da Juana