Little dogs are here so that we can lavish love without fear of rejection.

Little dogs are here so that we can lavish love without fear of rejection.  Whether they’re large or small, they’re little balls of loving fur with eyes that melt the soul.  You know exactly what I mean.More...

Last week, for my birthday, I was in San Francisco visiting friends.  My friend, Connie, and I walked the hills and took a cruise to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.  Neither she nor I wanted to go into the actual prison because of our being mediums.  We hear too much in that environment and we didn’t figure we wanted to take on some of the most horrible prisoners in the US.  But the cruise and learning about the island was good.

After all the fun, I returned home to Claude and Madeline.  Our son and his dog, Dolly, had been staying together. 

Madeline met me at the door when she heard my voice.  She did her little jumpy thing and started to say something but the words just wouldn’t come out of her mouth.  She was so excited mother was home.  I picked her up to kiss her.  How could I not?  She met me at the door before Claude did.  Moans came from her throat as I held her on her back to kiss her.  Madeline threw her little head back and for once was at a loss for something to say.  All she could do was think, “Mother’s home.”  You know how I felt.

Then came love from Claude although he doesn’t wiggle and moan quite like Madeline.

Da Juana