Little girl plays with ghost.

Another ghost story:

“Hello my daughter for over a week now has been scared to be in her room. She says there is a girl in there and she plays with her toys. She tells me she isn’t nice either but sometimes she opens her bedroom door for her. My daughter is only four. She has never watched anything scary to make her think this. She tells me when i need to stay out of her room cause the girl don’t want me in there. Now today she has cried and crawled under my legs repeatedly saying the girl told her to go back downstairs and sleep and to get out of her room. I don’t know whether she is really seeing something or not. We have weird things that happen here also though. Lights blow out constantly, TV turns on and off, water runs in the bathroom sink every now and then. Just curious if you can tell me what you think is going on? Thanks, Y”

It sounds to me as if your daughter has a child ghost that lives with her. Or more to the point thinks this is her room. You are hearing what you have seen in physical children so many times. This is mine. No, you can’t have it, and on and on. Just because the ghost child is dead doesn’t mean they don’t have some of the same feelings they had while on earth, especially when they want you to know they are there too. Might I ask if you lost a child?

When you say that you have weird things going on, you are telling me right there that you know your daughter is right. Sounds to me like there is a family of psychics living in your house. Can you guess who they might be?

Da Juana