Live life….

Remember to live life as if each moment is your last. In that manner you truly live. 


That doesn’t mean you need to walk on airplane wings or bungee jump. Instead it means that you make decisions affecting your life at the moment. Those thoughts and decisions create your tomorrow. As you’ve heard me say before, life actually is of your making. But most don’t realize that until they have some sort of health affliction taking something from them so that they appreciate everything.


The spirit which resides within your body, what some perceive to be your mind, never dies but rather changes bodily clothing on a lifetime basis. Live your life as if it were your last. Try to learn all you can and enjoy above all. Happiness and making life better for yourself and others is really all most need. That doesn’t mean that you have all the money in the world but does mean that you learn something from this incarnation that you can share and take with you to the other side.


Also know that as a creator, you have the ability to decide how and when you’ll go to the other side. It might be subconsciously done but it’s done nonetheless. Your spirit always knows how long you have on earth even though that can be a changing deadline.


Fear of anything is what debilitates you whether it’s fear of life or fear of death. Try to live without fear. Try to enjoy each moment as if it were your last.


Da Juana