Living an Uncommon Life

You know how I tell you about my friends sometimes. Well, I have a man that I have done radio off and on with for a few years. The moment I talked with him, I fell in love. This man has a voice that women would love to listen to without ever going to sleep and he has wonderful intelligence to go along with his mouth. He has made me stop and think many times before I could give a good answer. And he’s doing it again. I’m reading his new book, “Living an Uncommon Life.”


I only get to read it when I’m not doing anything else but……I do take it to the bathroom with me while I contemplate and also when I walk on the treadmill. The treadmill is something I am giving myself again even though time is so hard to come by. I decided that 40 minutes of time is a gift I need for me.


When I first picked the book up, opened it and read a page or two, he had me. Generally, I only get one message from my reading material but he is giving me a wealth of look-at-yourself-again Da Juana. And I am.


John St. Augustine, don’t you love the name, has a way of putting words together that doesn’t upset but rather makes you proud you read.


Da Juana