Living the good life…..

All life is living the good life, whether it’s life as you know it now, know it on the other side or know it from your past.  Okay, so you’ve told me that you have questions about past lives.  Well in order to talk with you about past lives, you have to know that the life you are living now is really the same as all the others.  By that I mean, we are only spirit with multiple suits of human clothing.  That said, you live life after life and have some in between time too but you are really only living the life of spirit, one continuous life.  In each physical life you live, you’re learning to help the spirit more but that’s also the truth on in between lives as well.More...

What you say?  We live in between lives too.  Here you go Susan.  While on the other side between lives, you look back over your life on earth or wherever you lived before and see what you can do to make your spiritual life better.  But it’s not all fun and games.  Whomever you loved while in the physical can draw you back with their pain.  Just because you, big word here, “died,” doesn’t mean that you give up on the emotions you had while alive.  Those emotions are not as horrible as they might be for those of us considered living but they are still emotions nonetheless. 

People on the other side are more direct than we are here on this side.  They generally don’t mince words but they still have empathy.  And no matter where they are, say another planet even, when you think of them or cry out for them, they immediately find you.  Most of the time they come to you instantly too.  That’s what makes my job so easy.  They come when you ask and talk with me because I’m a medium so that I can relay their message to you. 

Everything we do has a spiritual relationship.  Can you see how life in general relates to past lives?  As long as you’re not bored, more to come later.  Any questions?

Da Juana