Living is something we all do.  And we do it right up until the very end no matter how we do it.  Most think that there is something to the other side and I’m here to confirm that there is.  Some think we just cease to exist, which is not what I’ve seen.  When we’re born to this life, we start the dying process.  Some of us just choose to live longer than others.More... 

According to the Bible, there were only two who didn’t have to go through the death process and they will come back one day to finish what they didn’t finish before.  But if we’re born, we’re going to die. 

Please don’t think me morbid today.  That’s not my intent.  My desire is that we all live to the fullest of our capacities.  Then when we go to the other side, we don’t have to regret what we’ve done.  Ghosts or spirits, whatever you wish to call it, are very matter of fact about life but on the other side they do still carry emotions as if they were habits to be broken.  And they do break them after a while for their own reasons.

What I’m saying is live—live like there’s no tomorrow.  That doesn’t mean doing dangerous things but rather enjoying what you want to now.  This was brought home to me even more intensely when I found out my friend’s mother is dying of cancer.  She just got the news yesterday that there’s nothing more they can do for her.  After the doctor told her, he mentioned that she should go to her car, sit there a moment and cry.  Her thought was “bull…”….to put it mildly.  She told me that she had already cried.  Now she was going to live until she died. 

She has it right.  So start living today.  Enjoy your time here.  Savor all your experiences.  And laugh, laugh a lot.

Da Juana