Love is an emotion that can be uplifting or devastating, and sometimes both.  There are so many kinds of love:  for a soul mate, for a sibling, for a parent, for a friend, for our furry family and just for the love of mankind.  Love really is a spiritual emotion.More...

When you’re happy in love, especially for a new friend who has the potential to become more than that, you skip along through the day and can’t wait to get to that special someone so that your love can deepen.

New friendships cause almost the same emotion.  Friends getting to know one another laugh at the little things and cry with each other too.  This is a special kind of love because it’s love for someone you admire and enjoy being around especially since they’re not family.  They are extended family that you choose.

Family is loved because of the comfort level but also because, generally, they’re just family.  Most often you can count on them to be there when needed.

Spirituality comes from the manner in which you display and use your love.  Sometimes love comes from being hardened to the person you love’s problems.  When you can no longer sympathize over what they’ve done, you quit enabling them to hurt themselves with your involvement.  See how spiritual love is.  Sometimes love has to be hard.

Da Juana