Love and dogs are synonymous as any doggy parent knows.

Love and dogs are synonymous as any doggy parent knows. If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got unconditional love even when you shouldn’t have.

Madeline, my now dead shoulder puppy, had that kind of love for me and her little white sister as well. Perhaps she knew I’d need Gabrielle one day or perhaps she took Gabrielle in because she knew that little two-year-old puppy needed someone who’d love them. Certainly Madeline gave unerring love to both of us.

The night before she died Madeline told me to keep Gabrielle, a dog that I’d not wanted but whom Madeline wanted with all her heart after my daughter explained to her that this dog was for her. It was so much so that my usually selfish Scorpio-mooned-love told me she wouldn’t leave my daughter’s house without the pup abandoned by a grieving mother.  Madeline had the biggest heart emotionally which became physical eventually taking her life.

As you know we brought the little white dog home and she gave my baby two good years of play before Madeline left us. Gabrielle always felt her time with me was tenuous. And she had good reason. I had told my dying baby that she needed to stay with me in some misguided way to keep her body and soul with me because of my love for her after she told me to keep Gabrielle.

She gently reminded me that she loved us both and that it would hurt her if I gave Gabrielle away after her death which I fully intended doing although I’ve always been a responsible doggy mother. You see I didn’t want to love that hard again nor did I want the responsibility of anything else. For the prior two years I’d taken good care of Gabrielle, who has a Libra moon and an Aries sun sign making us so compatible, but I wouldn’t allow myself to get too close. Also Madeline was selfish in loving us both. I thought she wanted each of us to herself.

What’s funny though is the night before her death she noticed me laughing at some antic Gabrielle had committed and that’s when Madeline took the time to tell me she was leaving.

Well, you know that story and you know that Gabrielle is still with me.

Until a few days ago she still mourned for the family she left who left her at a Wal-Mart parking lot by the gas station there. She has listened for motorcycles that sound like daddy’s, looked at each passing stroller to see if it had a toddler in it she recognized and shook so hard in parking lots or gas stations that she was like holding a vibrator. She just existed in what she considered a passing relationship.

Oh, she got the attention she needed and she made sure not to make any waves because she wasn’t certain whether I’d keep her or not until her other family returned. But this week that changed. She became more certain that she’s at home with me now, that she won’t be leaving. And the reason I know is twofold.

First when we went to get grilled chicken at a local fast food restaurant I noticed when we passed the gas station she generally turns into a doggy vibrator at that she didn’t. Then when we got to the chicken place she continued to stay vibration free but close to her new mother (it only took two years for her to recognize me as that). All that and she began to want more attention by doing bad dog things this week for which she had to be grounded with a harsh tone.

All this tells me that she now thinks she’s here to stay: her price of love.

Da Juana

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