Love is hard sometimes.

There are times in love where you have to do the hard thing though you may not like it. Love means you give more than you get but because it’s love you actually get from the giving.

I can think of no greater love than that of a dog who loves their parent. If you have a dog you know exactly what I mean. Your sweet fur ball gives unconditional love mixed with all the kisses you can stand and then some.

When you’re emotionally drained they lay sweetly beside you until you get better and they’re ready with whatever toy to try to make you happier. Because love is reciprocal, it makes them happy too.

As any dog lover knows each puppy has their own unique personality. They laugh with us and they cry with us. They can be jokesters, comforters, loyal, brave and even scared occasionally. Dogs have all the human traits but most often, in my opinion, they’re better than us.

When you choose to live life with a dog, you choose to give that little spirit unconditional love too just as he or she would for you. And that comes to making the right decision for your best friend/family. So, with that in mind, pray that I make a good decision.

Da Juana