You’ve heard love makes the world go round and I think love is great but it has its responsibilities too.  It’s not all peaches and cream.More...
Marriage, for instance, is caused by two people thinking that they love each other enough to marry and then stick it out for the rest of their lives.  I don’t know about you, oh forgive me, I erred, I do know about you-guess I’m just used to saying that, but I’ve been married twice.  The second husband I like.  The first must have been a trial run.
When people get a reading from me the first thing they want to know is about love.  I remember once that a preacher’s wife sat down in front of me and I immediately saw her mister, not her husband.  Not that I was her judge or anything but that caused a little shock wave to run over me.  After all, I’m a preacher’s daughter.  And, of course, she wanted to know about her lover, his feelings, intent, and etc.  Isn’t it nice that she had such love for others?  Bet her husband would find that commendable.
Love can be given to a friend, husband, family or family pet.  Love really knows no bounds.  And love really is a good thing.  Obviously, there’s a lot of it going on.
Da Juana