Yesterday, while out house hunting, a lovely friend and I, decided to have lunch. This friend is a lovely, petit woman, who carries herself well and has a wonderful but powerful character. When she enters a room everyone notices because of the aura she carries.

We went into a restaurant that Claude and I have frequented for years. He even has his friend reunions there in the friendly little bar. It’s just a neighborhood tavern with a restaurant connected that cooks specialized food items. The atmosphere is generally really nice and you can have a conversation without having to scream. So that makes it even better. My friend had never been to this particular place and saw it when we passed. I told her that Claude and I used to go there all the time and still go back. We decided to have lunch and then get back to our task.

When we walked in, I noticed a distinct change in attitude. The hostess looked up and a woman, who has always been friendly, wasn’t. She became very professional. Well, I thought, anybody can have a bad day but it got worse. Walking to our table, I noticed that an already quiet restaurant became even quieter and eyes followed us to our seats. When we were seated, the waitress came over. She looked at me and asked what we wanted to drink. This lady never once looked at my friend. I told her and waited for my friend to answer too. She did. The waitress left and took longer than usual to bring our drinks but she finally did. A Marshall walked in with a lady and they sat close to us. The two of them were the only redeeming souls in the restaurant.

Being the psychic I am, (you’ve heard this before) I always leave my psychic radar on and I was getting some pretty bad vibes from everyone but the Marshall and his lady friend. When we left, three men followed us out. They were the same three men who, at lunch, constantly turned and watched us. That is until the Marshall came in. And thankfully, the Marshall followed them out although I don’t think it was because he suspected they were being ugly.

Our lunch would have been much more pleasant if the people in that restaurant, which I won’t frequent again, had been nicer to two women. And by the way, Claude will not go back either. You see they weren’t being ugly because I am a psychic. They were looking at skin color and never allowed that she had a better heart than any of them in there, except for the Marshall and his lady friend who obviously looked at people for who they are and not for how they looked. As far as I am concerned, I met some of the ugliest people I have ever met yesterday. And thank God, I don’t have to meet them again. What’s worse is that my friend tells me this, and I know it really well but……she says you shouldn’t be judgmental… should be understanding. Understand what?

Da Juana