There are some people, things, events and places that I really thank God for. My dogs rank right up there. You notice I put them under people because they are little people to me.


You rarely hear me speak about my baby, Mysti, because she is generally the good one, rarely exhibiting behavior that might warrant bad attention. But her little sister is entirely different. Where Mysti doesn’t allow us to hold and love her for over a second, Madeline craves it and would rather ride on one of our shoulders, like a baby, than walk on her own. The joy she gets from that is like a person being able to ride in a big SUV so that they see most of what’s going on around them and she gets love. Love is something that she never gets enough of.


This morning, like some other mornings she’s had, instead of getting out of bed and being her usual rambunctious self, she laid down. When I coaxed and then fussed, she tried to get up. Her back leg just wasn’t cooperating. You know the big heart this little dog has. Daddy wasn’t up yet because he rarely sleeps now, which probably caused the stroke for him in the first place. So, I was trying to be quiet and get Madeline going too.


I went to her and found the problem, picked her up and started to work on it. Sometimes she gets a bad cramp in the same leg. It actually comes from her back. After I massage the cramp, then I can go to her back and see how to help her. To see this little creature, my baby, unable to move well really bothers me. Anyone I love when not quite right bothers me as I’m sure it does you too.


Then I have a psychic thought that magnesium might help her. Well of course the search engines are blazing but I didn’t find a supplement for magnesium for dogs. I take it sublingually and am not sure she can but I did find out that one of Mysti’s favorites, cabbage, of which I give her very little, can cause unwanted side effects. You do know that onions, raisins (grapes), too much garlic, spinach and cabbage or baby cabbage can hurt your dog along with egg whites (has to be the whole egg).


If you have any thoughts on where or how I can give my baby magnesium, please let me know.


Da Juana