Madeline, my little ghost puppy

Madeline, my little ghost puppy, has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I tend to cry again which I understand because that’s part of grieving but…..when I see her over and over again walking through the house or lying on a pillow, I’m both elated and dejected because of my loss.

The other night four or us were playing cards and having a wonderful time when I noticed out the corner of my eye a white, long-haired, medium-to-smaller sized dog appear and walk away from my cabinets. Now I know that’s Madeline because she’s appeared too many times now with that look.

My friend, Connie, was sitting across from me because we were playing partners and soundly beating the boys without using our psychic ability of course, when she looked towards the cabinet too and mentioned that she’d seen a little white dog as well. As you know Madeline loved Gabrielle’s look and has been coming back in that form to me since she died.

The next day I walked by the back of the sofa and saw a white dog, whom I believed to be Gabrielle until I noticed her size and saw the difference in her face and those brilliant Madeline eyes when she faced me, perched on the blanket I keep there for her comfort. As soon as I gazed upon the ghostly dog my eyes strayed to where Gabrielle sat on her pillow staring me in the eyes as if to say, “It’s not me but I see her too.”

So you can see how this is both comforting and sadly miserable at the same time, can’t you? But the truth of the matter is I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep on coming back to me my little shoulder puppy.

Da Juana

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