Madeline, our baby dog….

Lately, Madeline, our baby dog has started making noises while trying to hide her baby.  Well, I say lately, it’s been happening for a little while before Mysti, her sister, crossed over.  At some point, she started to cry when she tried to hide her baby bear.  It’s cute but it’s also heart breaking.More... 

The whining starts as she carries her baby around generally by the crouch.  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to notice.  Maybe it’s because he’s stuffed.  Sometimes, she walks with his head in her mouth.  Since he’s about as big as her, this is quite an experience both for her and for us to watch.

After she finds a hiding place, like any good mother, she has to kiss him, for a while.  He’s the only one in the family that gets licked.  Her kisses for us involve her smelling our mouth but no tongue action at all.  That’s her choice.  On the very rare occasion, I might feel tongue but not often. 

Her sister, on the other hand, used to like to wash my feet.  It’s funny what you miss.

Madeline talks to us but she never sings and rarely whines.  The other day, while I was watching Panda’s on the Smithsonian channel, I thought to my self how much one male panda sounded like our baby Madeline.  She lay beside me sleeping.  When the male continued to cry because he was talking to a female panda, just like some men do, Madeline, while still asleep, raised her little head and let out a wooooo that came from deep in her heart.  That was a first for singing by her.

And you know what her mother did, don’t you.  I found out when the panda’s would return and recorded it to see if I could get her to sing for her daddy later.  She didn’t but she paid careful attention.  That’s when I remembered that panda’s look like big dogs to me. 

The reason I wanted to tell you about our baby is because she just came through with her baby, which seems to be hidden somewhere now, crying.  Think I’ll tell her that I know where it is just to get her to hide him again.  It keeps her busy and she gets exercise.

Da Juana