Madeline, our puppy dog,

The other night Madeline, our puppy dog, was playing with James, our friend, by standing on his foot, and of course, nibbling at it as if it were some kind of animal trying to get away.  Madeline was really enjoying this little game that she and James get into each time he comes over.  That and touch the toy she has in her mouth. More...

They had been playing this game for some minutes until I made mention of Madeline’s sister, Mysti, who died last May.  As soon as I mentioned Mysti, Madeline got off James’s foot, looked around and got this very sad look on her face.  Then she walked over and lay down.  No more playing.

Grief, for puppies as well as humans, hits each of us in it’s own way.  I try to be cognizant of her missing her sister.  Most of the time she hides it well.  Even when Mysti comes around now in her ghostly manner, Madeline sometimes looks to play with her but has realized most times that’s not going to happen.  Mysti always was very serious and didn’t give Madeline the time of day much but she was still her sister.

Oh yes, grief comes in many forms and right then it was in a little dog who misses someone she loved deeply.

Da Juana