Our youngest baby, Madeline, is the one of our puppies that is always getting into something. No one really rests while she is around unless she wants to rest. She will provoke her sister, Mysti, unmercifully until Mysti either plays with her or pinches her cheek to make her stop. Generally Mysti, once started with the cheek nipping, will continue for at least three more good nips. That’s when Madeline stops long enough for Mysti to feel that she has successfully stopped her younger sibling. Then Madeline goes back in for whatever her mind is set on at the time.

This little girl has certain ideas of how things should be done and she is here to make sure everyone does as she thinks. This might be because she is a Pisces with a double Scorpio. With this combination she can get her feelings hurt pretty badly and tell whomever she thinks did it just how the cow ate the cabbage. She is very good at this. Also, she is willing to take a little pain in order to get what she wants.

But, and this is a good but, she is one of the most loving animals, bar none, I have ever seen. Although she can be taken wrong because of her actions at times, she has a huge heart along with a horrible disease that we have gotten under control. Because of that disease, Madeline has ridden on my shoulder, as a baby almost all the time, because she was so ill. Now whenever she needs mother or daddy’s love, she is quick to tell us to pick her up where she rides like a baby surveying her world.

Also, Madeline has her own babies. Toys for Mysti and her somehow get out all over the house but Madeline has two, a baby puppy and a baby bear, that sleep with her each night and have to wake up when she gets up in the morning. She makes sure of that. One of them always gets to travel through the day with her, rests when she does and gets hugged by her just as momma and daddy hug her. Lately it has been her baby puppy. Yesterday I had to show Claude how Madeline was sleeping partially on her side, with the puppy between her arms in a hug, but pinned down so that no one could take it or so it wouldn’t get hurt. And they say animals are not like humans.

Da Juana