Many are celebrating Christmas.

Many are celebrating Christmas. They do so by gifting which means running until you’re blue in the face, during and after your one job, then rushing home to do other menial tasks such as getting on with living. By the time Christmas roles around you’re too tired to enjoy when in fact you should have been relishing the whole experience.

After all Christmas is not about gift-giving. It’s about remembering, not just sugar plums either. It’s thanking your image of God, whatever or whoever that is, for all you have. Thankfulness is something that I appreciate and try to embrace all year long, not just at Christmas.

Each morning upon arising I say a thank you prayer which might go something like this, “It’s such a beautiful day.” Now perhaps that doesn’t sound like a prayer to you but it is to me. When I look around and see all the beauty even in the dead of winter I’m grateful. That’s a thank you prayer.

I quit buying Christmas gifts a long time ago not because I was ungrateful but because I thought that I’d become too commercial. Now I enjoy.

Da Juana

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