Martin Richard’s sign peace

Most can see the irony of an eight-year-old boy named Martin Richard who was holding a sign with blue hearts and the word “Peace” written upon it right before being blown up by a bomb but can you see the spiritual implications?

It’s horrific and has people in an uproar but a little boy made us see how grossly unfair life can be at times and how we the people should become more spiritual. He simply said he wanted peace!

His death left a huge void in his family but his death is a constant reminder to all of us that he died delivering a very important message, one we should all strive to commit.

I’m sorry for those who knew and loved him as I am for all the people killed there but this little boy with huge eyes made such an impact on me that I had to turn away from looking at him when I first saw him. Man’s inhumanity to man hit my mind once again. In this case a little boy.

Will we ever give peace a chance?

Da Juana

P. S. Say a prayer for all of us please.