Mavericks Basketball

Well, guess it is almost a little late but I seem to have been calling it right in the playoffs up until now. Until Claude had the stroke, I hardly ever watched sports. I like participating in them but they are not something I really love to watch on television except for maybe hockey. But now in the basketball playoffs, I can’t say that.


When the Mavericks played San Antonio, I called each game and it played out just as I said. At the Phoenix Suns, I told Claude how each game would be played before the game. Even when it looked as if I was wrong, they did exactly what I said before it was over. Generally, I try not to tell Claude who is going to win, unless I want him to do something for me, because he says it’s like telling him the end of the movie. On one Maverick game, I think it was with the Sun’s, I had told him the Mavericks would win and he didn’t believe me because it looked as if the Sun’s would win. He wanted to turn in but I wanted to watch. So much for the never watching sports on TV. To make a long story short, we watched the Mav’s win.


Now for those of you who follow basketball, here’s what I see. So far with the Miami Heat, I have called the Mavericks to win both of their first home games with points. They did. And now they have gone to Miami. The Heat will win one game, I think, or not. What I hear is that the fifth game will tell the tale. That could mean that all games are over or it could mean that the Mavericks win on the fifth game night.


The way that I see it, the Heat will win one of the next two games and then get beaten.


For those of you who love the Heat, I am sorry. I feel for Shaq but not enough to hope he wins.


Da Juana