Maybe it was because it was my first vacation in a very long time

Maybe it was because it was my first vacation in a very long time or it could have been because of the very nice man who wanted to make my stay much better, but, and this is a big but, St. Martin really is the place to go when you want to relax and enjoy.

We went out on Catamarans’ twice, once I could have done without when we went to Anguilla but the other was the advertising picture of a snorkeling adventure in this divine place. It was all that and more.

The beaches are perfect white tableaus with dotted human beings scattered around under colorful umbrellas. And some really need those umbrellas, really. Sunbathing in the nude is a common experience especially on the French side.

The captain of one catamaran told us while we stopped at differing beaches and before we jumped into the cool calm Caribbean, “You might see someone hiking onto this remote beach. It takes about forty minutes for them to find their way here. Not only that but they may have decided to come sans clothing. If you’re not into that type thing, turn your head.” And he along with the other residents mean it.

Oh, and did I mention the food? You can get anything there, albeit a little pricey. I had a grilled snapper with a tomato dipping sauce that was very tasty the night before I left along with a wonderful Chocolate Absolute Martini. Can you say come up for air?

Lord, I miss the feeling of being able to leave all your cares behind for just a moment in time. Listening to the ocean just seems to wash those away.

Hope I’ve given you a brief interlude of joy from my vacation.

Da Juana

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