Today is neither a soapbox day nor a day when I talk about others. I am going to try to let you know more about me if you really want to. And I can’t see how you would. But if you do, here goes.

For me, it is easier to help others and talk about what has happened to them or to talk about my husband’s and my past experiences for educational help for others than to talk about myself. I know that makes no sense since I am here to read for others and let them get to know me so that they understand that psychic ability is something we all have. But……..for me, talking about myself is never easy.  


I am sure some of my friends will tell you that isn’t necessarily true but once they start looking, they realize that they really only know items about me, not what is deep in my heart. That heart stuff is hard to articulate. Is it for you too? Or am I one of those strange people who keep everything to myself? You know what is funny? I can usually recognize another psychic by their capacity towards being a loner even though they have people all around them.   

My husband, Claude, says that I could draw a crowd in the desert. If that is so, it is because they see the psychic in me and are drawn to that. You see, I am a firm believer that we all put our panties on in the same way, male or female, have’s and have not’s, presidents and paupers. We are all a part of God, no better than others and no less than others. We are here for a spiritual lesson and work towards that whether we consciously want to or not. Sorry, started teaching again. Well, enough about me.    Da Juana