There are days when you just have to sit down and rest. Today is one of those days for me. Since I work for myself, my work might involve days that most don’t have to worry about, such as weekends, and nights, sometimes from morning to night and weekends too. But don’t think I’m complaining because I’m not. I am glad I have work to do although it seems the dollar doesn’t go quite as far as it used to do.


My idea of resting doesn’t always involve lying down either although that is just what I would like to do right now. Have a tendon in the back of my ankle, which has been bothering me so that I can’t walk on my treadmill yet. As my husband likes to tell me, I am pushing it too much. I figure I can work it out. But he is quick to tell me that if I don’t stay off it for a while, I may have to stay off everything for a longer while. Hate it when he is right. So, that might be lending to my being tired today because exercise seems to make me feel less tired.


Maybe writing and moving my fingers now will help. Oh, no, my eyes seem to be closing. Do you know how long it has been since I took a nap in the daytime? Well, guess I could go and do something I rarely get to do, meditate. You know, for twenty minutes to an hour with snoring included. Now, that’s a meditation. I can see it now. Da Juana is sitting by a stream, feeling the breeze on her face with a hawk flying overhead and hearing the water gurgle by……..ZZZZZZZZZZ


Da Juana