Meet each day with joy…

Meet each day with joy and you’ll notice a definite change in your life if change is needed. And whether it’s really needed or not, no one can argue joy makes for a better day.

Over the last few years I’d forgotten my joy. Gratitude wasn’t in my vocabulary. See, even a psychic and a medium can forget what life’s about. Consequences from choices made increased my unhappiness threshold and I wasn’t the best person to be around.

Though I helped others with their needs and in learning how best to approach their life, it’s like the old saying, “Physician heal thyself.” The place I was in didn’t allow for healing because I felt guilt, a useless emotion to my way of thinking. In the vortex of guilt I found no appreciation in being alive. One day led to the next without hope; the one thing I try to instill in others. Being human requires hope to embody our very existence. Otherwise, well, you know! Mine was gone.

Oh yeah, I knew what was going to occur in my future but I wouldn’t allow joy in my life, probably because I knew what was going to happen next. Sometimes, and I wouldn’t trade my life as a psychic and a medium for anything, but, a psychics life isn’t all you’d think it is with that abundance of knowledge. Every time I’d ask the other side for insight, I’d hear, “We gave it,” or “You know what’s happening.”

Most often God sends messages to each of us. It’s up to us whether we choose to listen to those messages. And for some of the more hardheaded individuals (not me, of course) God may have to send that message numerous times as She (don’t go all “He” on me now) did for me.

He or She commands many voices and God used a friend, Sandra, of mine to reiterate the message I’d gotten over and over. It was one of those moments when time stands still and you have to listen. Sandra told me that I was angry.

“Well!” I’m not an angry person but I’m not a Pollyanna either. My take on life is each person’s existence is what that person makes of it. And of course I wasn’t angry but …….I’d just been having that conversation with the other side for months.

Sandra was the guide God sent to help me get back on track that day because I’d been irritating the other side with “What’s going on” so much that they decided I needed to hear it from a friend. Being the friend she is she put my life into prospective in a manner few are brave enough to embark upon with me. Without fear and with a whisper she made me look back over my life for the past few years and realize what I’d done to myself. (Yeah, I did it to myself!)

That makes me wonder, have you had a friend guide like Sandra who says to you, look, look now? Why are you traipsing through life without joy?
Oh, and don’t think I’m going to leave you with that melancholy thought. You know me, full of hope.

Joy comes in minute moments and manners. How do you like those important “M’s” there? It’s watching a hummingbird flit from flower to flower, a child call their mother “momma,” or your dog running to you with her little ears thrown back in glee. It’s gratitude that you’re able to move gracefully or even not so gracefully, just the flexing of your muscles. Its pleasure in the simple life’s important breathing, one of my favorite blissful working moments.

Happiness can come in so many ways. So, here’s your hope. No matter how bad your day is going, take just a moment to find something for which you have gratitude. If you do that once a day for a few days, you’ll find that joy comes very easily to you. This joy will morph into a better life with you’re creating whatever you desire. If you don’t believe me, try it now.

In joy and love,

Da Juana