Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a time when we honor our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our rights to freedom.More... 

The right to personal freedom is something very special to me.  I can remember as a child when others looked at me as if I were something quite different.  Now I know they were only showing fear of something they didn’t understand but at the time it wasn’t easy.  There was a time on this great earth that people were martyred for who they were and what they believed, for the gifts they bore.  Freedom of speech and freedom to believe as you desire are liberties that make our nation great.

In my mind, anyone who has the desire to serve or has served our country in any capacity such as the armed services, law enforcement, paramedics and firemen should have all our thanks and be remembered on this day even if they didn’t die. 

Memorial Day reminds us that’s what those who have died to preserve our rights have given us.  When I was a child my favorite uncle died in service to our country while testing a new type airplane in the Navy.  My father served in World War II and my brother was a member of the elite Navy Seals.

You can see that my family added to my belief that Memorial Day should be remembered for what it was meant, not just a vacation day from work or school.  Because of people who served and died, I’m able to stand proudly with the freedom to speak my mind.

Da Juana