Men and women…

Men and women are different in many ways, not the least of this is soul growth.  Below is a question asked about just that.  As always, I think it will help others.  So here it is.

“Da Juana,

Here on earth there are many differences in men and women.  We all know that it’s still a man’s world to some extent.  What about in the afterlife?  Is there equality there?  And why does it seem that women are superior to men?  Men have not evolved to the extent that women have, and its disappointing to say the least when a man uses the excuse that its instinctive to a man to go after younger women.  I’m very sad right now as I just found out this past weekend that my husband was unfaithful.  Of course we will work through this, but I just can’t understand why, and he does not know why either.  We are scheduled for counseling next week. 

Oh, and another question:  We have had a few “readings” and without exception all of the physics say that my husband is an “old soul”, not sure what that means but one of them indicated that he was probably around in King Arthur’s day.  From living with him for the last 8 years, 
Thanks so much for your time! and the service you perform by giving of yourself.  Susan”

Susan, it sounds as if you have more on your plate right now than most could stand but you are standing up to the challenge in a very extraordinary way.  I’m sorry that you have to go through the spiritual lesson of having the man you trusted run around on you.  The statement your husband used that it’s instinctive for a man to go after younger women is a big cop out.  You could have done the same thing with a younger man.  Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t read the menu. 

In the afterlife, we are much on the same level.  The only difference is education.  There are some who aren’t as educated on the other side and they have a period of growth through experience. 

In my experience, women are more emotional and more intuitive than most men but there are some men, like my Claude, on occasion, who is more like a woman.  He might feel that I have besmirched his name in some way now but it is meant as a compliment. 

An old soul is someone who has returned to incarnation after incarnation.  That’s all.

Hope I’ve helped and I’ll say prayers for you.

Da Juana