Messages for myself….

When I do readings for others I get messages for myself too.  While giving a message from a dead loved one for the person I’m reading, either that person or another will slip a message in for me.More...

This is probably because I tend to ignore the other side unless they do something that is out of the ordinary, such as giving me a message too while reading for someone.  Most of the time I go about my everyday life without much thought to the dead until they do something extraordinary such as a friend seeing my dead baby dog, Mysti at the same time I do.  That will get a notice.

Or if a ghost walks in front of the television and I have to back it up to see the ghost again, that gets my attention.  That happened during the presidential debate.  A man who looked much like the television star, Columbo, walked in front of the TV.  After asking Claude if he saw him too, I had to rewind to prove to my husband the man was there.  Guess what he wasn’t on the rewind but he had walked across in front of the camera and looked straight into my eyes.  That’ll get my attention every time.

I do appreciate the much-needed messages from the other side.  They help.

Da Juana