Messages to and from the other side….Do we really die?

Here I am again.  And it’s just like Lay’s Potato Chips, you can’t just eat one.  Here’s another question.  Before you go, “Oh no,” I think it can help everyone.

“Does my daddy know I love him and does my daddy and mom come around;  Both have passed on. Also does my grandmother come.  Aloha”
Aloha, I’m going to answer your question in general terms so that it will help everyone but will also give you your answer.  Also, I will mention that my book, “Ghosts Talk,” addresses this and many other ghostly subjects.
When anyone dies, and I would rather use the term is re-born, they travel from one dimension to another.  The physical body dies but the immortal spirit continues on its path without the problems a body can give.  The person or pet still has the same personality, loves, emotions (albeit they are a little different there because they can understand all the why’s) and is thoughtful of those they left behind.  Just because they died to our perception of what life is doesn’t mean that they die to us. 
People and pets, who love you, will return to check on you more times than you know.  What’s more is there is nothing you can hide from them.  When you are thinking of someone like your father, he is just a thought away.  Though he might be visiting Germany at that time or some far away planet, he will return to your side in that instant.  He has freedom of choice. 
When you are sad, they feel it.  Generally, they try to be close to console you.  Then they will even use others to get a message to you, such as:  You must keep on living and do it in the best way possible.  They see all of time, the future and the past and right where you are now.  That makes them able to help in other ways as well.
Any time you want to talk to a dead loved one, do so.  They can hear you and will generally come around. 
Da Juana