This weekend I took a mini-vacation with Connie and Sandra.  Cathy was wonderful enough to stay with Claude and the girls, even though she was ill, so that I could get away for a night.  When I told her that I’d stay home, she told me that she could recuperate at our house and that she’d like having Claude watch over her.  He did and I was glad.More...

We three women took off on a road trip, laughed and worked all the way to our destination.  What’s even funnier is you know how I’ve always mentioned that there are no accidents in life.  Many things come at you but it’s all in what you’ve created for yourself as to how actions occur in your life.  Well, we met a man at the hotel, totally by accident, hee hee.  Here’s the funny thing.  He was exactly what we’d just requested.  And we met him in the elevator, not my favorite place.  We stood in the lobby and talked for about an hour.
Isn’t it funny how the universe works?
Da Juana