Misery of others…..

When I look at the misery of others, I feel sorry for them.  But more than the feeling sorry, I feel what they feel.  Because of being an empath, I’ve had to learn over my lifetime to sort of tamp down those feelings or I couldn’t survive the hurt.  In order to give others good readings, I have to feel the feelings involved in their lives but let them go quickly.More... 

Even when working murders and other horrific events, I’ve learned to have the feelings for a moment and then turn them lose.  In that manner I can tell the police what and how a crime was committed.  Then I can let the feelings go and walk away without more upset to me.

Once though, I had a ghostly man come to me the night before I worked with law enforcement and learned anything about him.  He asked me not to help the police find his body.  While working with the police and really looking for him but remembering his words to me, I asked the police why he didn’t want to be found.  They had thought he committed suicide, which he didn’t.  Instead he got someone he loved to help him with his death.  That’s when they told me his very small insurance policy wouldn’t pay his family if it was suicide.  We didn’t find him that day.  I did really try.  Law enforcement even told my husband, Claude, that I signed like a cadaver dog.  Well, I’ve done a lot of things.  Signing like a cadaver dog isn’t all bad.

The thing about me, as a psychic, is that like a doctor, who sees illness all day long, I sometimes become immune to the real suffering of others.  I can see it, feel it for a moment and turn it lose.  That is, until it comes to me through my loved ones.  Experience is the best teacher and forces us to take a new look at events in our lives.  Loved ones are the best way in which to teach.  I’m learning and hope lesson repetition is far, far away.  Others, even my best friends, tell me I have a good heart.  I know that I’m human, can I say a cuss word here?  But…..I try each day to be more loving and considerate of others feelings. 

Right now, I want to add that if anyone is going through something they think they can’t overcome, take one step at a time.  You will get through it.  We’ll walk together.

Kind thoughts and even happier memories,

Da Juana