Missing ghosts.

It’s funny how my ghostly acquaintances visit. Sometimes they come to see me on a minute-to-minute basis and at other times, I might not see them for days. Lately though, I don’t get much chance to miss them. And they are not always the same people. Believe me, I feel really funny when they are not around for more than one reason.


When you have ghosts taking care of you, you don’t need an alarm service. Years ago, while Claude and I were out in the motor home, I told him that I thought we needed to go home right then. Upon arriving, we noted that lights were on in the house in a few rooms. We had turned them all off. When I asked my ghostly friends why they did it, they told me to keep the house safe. Later the next morning we found out that a robbery had occurred right up the street. Ghosts had made sure the robbers thought the house was occupied and it was.


Sometimes the ghosts who visit come to tell me something. Sometimes they come just to be with me even though I have no idea who they are. What I do know is that they are comforting to me. Their presence is something I miss sorely when they miss a few days. Another thing is that the ghosts who visit aren’t always people.


Ghosts make life so much more interesting. As one told me once, “Fear not the dead, but fear the living.” He was right. He had just reminded me to lock my front door, which I thought was locked but after his verbal abuse, found it was not. Most ghosts are good people even when they are animals.


Da Juana