Susan writes, “I’m thinking about my mom a lot these days, probably because it is the holidays.  She passed away in 2001 and I miss her still.  One question I have is:  If one of our missions here on earth as a human is to “learn”, then when we do die, do we get a chance to look back on our life and do additional learning?  Or is what we have done while alive all the chance we get until the next life?  And can we use what we have learned after death in the next life?  Also, will there ever be an end to learning?More... 

Merry Christmas Da Juana!”

Susan, thank you for sharing about your mom.  I’m so sorry.  Her life and death must have brought on these wonderful, enlightening questions.  You’re sharing your heartache to help others.  That’s what spiritual life is about.

On the other side, after death, we most certainly do look back over our lives for additional learning.  Also we go on to more learning by helping others still here on earth or whatever planet and also those who are, in what we like to call, heaven, with us.  With this, we’re getting into the realm of angels and such.  So, let’s keep that for another day.

As a part of God, we’re constantly learning.  Chances and choices are really all we have and we continue to learn throughout the lifetime of the spirit.  And you know it, spirit, like the atom (review your physics), never dies.

Most certainly we use what we’ve learned in each incarnation to further our spiritual growth both on the other side and this one as well. 

With that in mind and with the fact that spirit never dies, know that there will never be an end to our learning curve.  The universe changes rapidly and we spirits have to keep up.  Just look at what’s happened in our world in the last ten years.  When you were a little girl, would you have ever believed it?

Da Juana