More predictions……

Well, as it is every year, I forget to put some predictions on the web or someone emails to ask about their country.  Because I don’t want to touch the web site again once it has the predictions on it, I generally add to them here or place them on another page.

This year I have two more that I need to document.  One of them will be in Russia.  There is going to be something that reminds me of Chernobyl.  I see destruction but I don’t know why it was caused or whether it was done on purpose or not.  It looks like an explosion happened.  The reason I think that is because of how different items are laying.  Trees seem to be laying as if they were blown in the same direction.

When I finished my predictions and had sent them to the web master, I thought to myself that I hadn’t done anything on Malaysia.  Well, the next morning someone wrote and asked why I hadn’t.  Now I will.  Malaysia will see some economic growth but don’t get excited about it yet.  I also see a very strong problem with a building that sits over water is around water.  It reminds me of a warehouse but two storied.

Oh, and another thing.  May this be the best New Year ever for all of us.  Let’s believe it together.

Da Juana


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