Most dogs have….

Most dogs have extrasensory senses but I’m sure you know that, especially if you have a dog of your own.  That makes it easier for spirits to get their attention.  You see, ghosts try to get attention from most of us but most humans try to ignore them.  Dogs don’t.More...

The other night is a case in point.  To make a long story short, I think it was my brother who made a noise in our living room and coaxed our Madeline puppy there.  Once she walked into the living room, she started a ruckus telling me that there was someone there.  When I finally stopped the TV, got up from my nice, cozy sofa and walked into the living room, she kept trying to explain that there was someone here.  That’s when I saw him.

My brother was six four and towered over us when he was alive.  He still does.  Guess he likes that height.  When he was in his twenties, he looked better than John Wayne (sorry John but he did in my book—of course you’re beautiful too so don’t take offense) and all my girlfriends noticed.  His impromptu visit left me smiling.  He felt so good. 

So it’s not just me who’s the medium in this household.  Madeline does a fine job. 

On another note, I can’t say that Claude’s old, dead girlfriend is the only ghost haunting these halls now.  When we got into bed last night, I saw a shadow cross the wall and the blinds on the window.  It was that of a man with a prominent nose. 

Since he was in shadow form, I was sure Madeline would see him but she must have been turned the other way. 

Generally, I don’t tell Claude about the ghosts in the house unless one of them does something unusual but if one decides to visit our bedroom, I usually mouth off as I did last night.  And Claude normally asks who it is, as he did last night.  Moreover, I, more often than not, get the answer, as I did last night.

The man informed me that he was my first boyfriend, Johnny.  When I told Claude, he wasn’t especially happy about the visit.  It may have been because I mentioned what a good kisser this man was.  What am I, a psychic?  Should I have known my husband wouldn’t like an old boyfriend visiting our bedroom? 

Oh well, tit for tat, his old girlfriend, my old boyfriend.  It was just good to see him after all these years.  

Da Juana