Most people look at the Gulf oil spill…

Most people look at the Gulf oil spill as something horrible but they know it really doesn’t concern their lives because they don’t live where the spill impact is felt the most.

Human beings tend to act only when they have been personally touched. Oh, there are some who give to the hungry children of the world or to the hurricane victims and some other good causes. But, unless a human has been personally challenged by the ravages of something like this horrible oil spill, the general public might say a quick prayer and express gratitude that whatever disaster hit elsewhere didn’t affect them. Then they hurriedly change the subject because thinking about it too much, well, you know!

But the time to think about it has come. The Gulf oil spill happened at a time when society is thinking more about energy efficiency. This tragedy truly displays spiritual characteristics. And you know that I think everything is a spiritual lesson. It’s time to make a decision. The earth demands it and God gives us the knowledge to motivate it.

The problem is that human kind as a whole is greedy. Otherwise we wouldn’t allow our world to be polluted. Who would take a bath in dirty water? Or who in their right mind would allow our old forest cut down when we know that without trees we can’t breathe properly? Our very existence counts on the balance of nature. Greed is what makes our world go round and has for a very long time. And it forgets about the balance of nature.

Another effect of this greed comes from each and every one of our pocketbooks. Humankind only wants to do the right thing, such as clean up our environment and quit using oil, if it doesn’t take from their paycheck. After all, everything is tight right now.

Now, here comes some words from the psychic that you may consider flakey but, obviously, I don’t. This is a prediction.

The earth has been here for eons and will continue to survive although she might have to do some things involving present inhabitants to ensure this. We aren’t the first so-called intelligent civilization to live here and we won’t be the last. But we do need to get our thinking caps on and become more aware of what’s happening on and within our home, planet earth. Like good neighbors we need to assure that she’s taken care of so that we’re taken care of. Right now, we’re sadly lacking.

Pointing fingers isn’t the manner in which to satisfy the earth’s needs. Real protection is. And that means forgetting that we’re only one nation. It has to be the earth as a whole. What happens on the other side of the world affects people and nature with equal and opposite reactions.

Please think about what you, one person, can do to make our planet a better place to live and then act on it, please.

Da Juana