Mothers are so easy to please.

You know. Mothers are so easy to please. Take mine for instance. For about two weeks before Mother’s Day I didn’t call her because I was frightened that she’d ask when I was coming to see her and I didn’t want to tell her that I was making a trip to surprise her.

And I knew I couldn’t lie to her. Not even a white lie as some would say. My daddy always said I was the child that couldn’t lie, that I always told the truth even when I knew there’d be harsh repercussions. Believe me when I say harsh. My daddy was from the old school but I knew he loved me and still does even though he doesn’t visit me as often as I’d like since he died.

At any rate my daughter and I plotted just how we’d surprise my mother. My daughter got to her new home before me and I parked up the street waiting. Then after everyone had gotten inside and had a little chance to settle in, I started pounding on the door. That’s not something you want to do when my mother is entertaining and she thinks she has her whole little brood there. The mother hen comes out and so does her Scorpio Moon.

When she got to the door, tears flooded her eyes when she saw me and she mentioned how this was the best Mother’s Day she’d had in a very long time.

After a wonderful day with family I traveled home to find a message left on my phone from my mother the day before. She reminded me that I hadn’t called her in a firm tone then allowed that I was probably busy and reiterated how much she loves me along with one sentence that stood out and that was: My Mother’s Day would be the best ever if only you were here.

Guess I made it for her. I know she did for me.

Da Juana

P. S. Mothers’ are what made us. Be kind and thoughtful where they’re concerned and perhaps even introduce them to my so that they can see what kind of day they’ll have.