Mother’s Day has taken on yet another meaning for me

Mother’s Day has taken on yet another meaning for me and even more special one. At a certain age one usually expects to lose one or both parents but some unlucky younger people will know exactly what I’m speaking of now because you’ve lost one or both parents and know the heartache.

Let’s face it though, no one lives forever but most of us would rather have our parents do so.

I’m one of the lucky ones who had my father live into his nineties and who still has her special mother alive and kicking with all the vim and vigor of a fifty-year-old. And boy am I glad because I know the loss of my father hasn’t been easy even though I can speak with him on the other side occasionally. Yet most don’t have that wonderful opportunity.

A very good friend, Fred, whose opinion I value greatly said something to me a short while ago and it is still making me think. He mentioned that when you lose one parent, as I have, it hurts but that when you lose both, as he has, you truly know what being alone means.

If we’re lucky enough to be born to parents who care for us they’re there from the beginning so we’re truly never alone even when we grow up and move away from them as I felt when I left my hometown and moved to Texas. My father was still there for me, on the phone or in person if need be. But when he died a part of me suffered more of a loss than I am willing to admit except to you.

Being unable to pick up the phone, although I kept his number programmed into my phone, to call him made me realize my loss each time I reached for that miserable phone thinking I needed to tell my daddy something. And for the first few weeks if my stepmother called my heart would leap when I saw my daddy’s name come up because for that minute moment I thought that he might be on the other end.

So taking Fred’s message to heart I hope I give my mother just that little bit extra because I know from the loss of my daddy that her loss will hit me with an even greater magnitude only because I’ll truly feel alone without my parents.

Because of that I’d like to request that you tell your mother, as I will, on this Mother’s Day how much you think of her no matter what’s happening in your lives because we should all let our mother’s know they’re special.

Da Juana

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