One-track minds can make me want to scream.  Since I’m a real multi-tasker, a one-track mind is like telling me to go twenty miles an hour in a seventy-five mile an hour zone.  It’s that stop and go thing that really gets to me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think I’m better at doing things than others but I tend to go right after what I need to accomplish and would rather others let me do it.  I try to be nice but if I have an expiration time, that’s a different matter.  Claude says that’s being a control freak.  Of course I don’t agree.  Being a control freak would mean that I’m trying to control those working with me.  I’m not.  I’m just trying to get what I’m doing done.More... 

On another note, Claude also fusses at me for closing my eyes when I’m doing readings on television.  He tells me I have beautiful eyes and that I should be showing them.  But what I’ve tried to explain is that as a psychic, I don’t want to see anyone I’m reading unless they’re the dead people I’m talking with.  Live people tend to make faces, move and you get the picture.  If I’m not looking at them, they can’t influence my reading.  Only the dead can.  And, furthermore, I get to see some astounding pictures that I wouldn’t while watching some live person fidget.  Hope I don’t sound too ugly in saying this.  I really don’t mean to be nasty. 

The other day one of my new clients told me that they had already been warned by the person who sent them to me that I’m blunt and don’t want them saying any thing to me while I’m reading them.  I didn’t realize that I sounded so uncaring.  That’s not what I mean to do.  I really want to give them the best reading they can get for the money and let the loved ones who want to speak come through.  Or maybe, if and this is a big if, I’m multi-tasking.  My clients are precious to me and I want them to walk away from me knowing that there is something to my psychic/medium world.  Not only that but that they can access it too.

Da Juana