My baby puppy fainted.

The other day someone came to our door to sell us an aerial view of our home. That might have been nice if our subdivision allowed door-to-door sales people but we really don’t like that. Another reason that it bothered me immensely was that my dogs went crazy as I stepped out the door to greet this unwanted visitor.


He showed me the picture and asked if I wanted to buy it. I turned to say something to Claude because my husband used to be a helicopter pilot and when I looked down, I saw my baby, Madeline, wrapped around Claude’s foot.


She wasn’t moving and it didn’t look as though she was breathing either. It scared me to no end. Also, Claude didn’t see her there and if he had taken a step, it really would have been all over for her and he might have fallen.


Needless to say, I screamed and ran to get my baby off the floor. When I picked her up, she was limp and her mouth was open but there was no sign of life. I know the man had to be thinking he had come to the wrong house. I immediately started towards the front door to try to get her some air, walked outside, then came back into the house. Claude screamed at me to get her to the vet and I answered that we wouldn’t be able to get there in time.


I sat on our stairs, turned her on her back and blew a breath into her little mouth and nose. To be truthful, I would have blown into the other end if it had helped. I was that desperate. But to my amazement, a sound came. I flipped her back on her stomach and called her name over and over. She let out two, small, shrill howls and then started trying to move a little. It took another few agonizing minutes before she was able to walk without trembling. She was as frightened as us.


We took her to the vet and he ran all sorts of test on her but the only thing he found was that her tonsils were swollen and might have cut off her oxygen levels, which made her faint. A southern fainting woman is not what I really want around me and neither is a southern fainting dog. Please pray that there isn’t another time like that.


Da Juana