My brother…..

Yesterday, I told you about my brother dying and about people loving him.  This is one of the reasons.More...

Though he was a big, tough, Navy Seal, he had his softer side too.  This man didn’t have to prove that he was a man.  You could tell by the very essence of him.  Most of my girlfriends were very much aware he was a man, if you know what I mean.  And at that time, girls usually didn’t go for younger men but that didn’t stop them. 

My brother had two grands, one little girl he received when his son married and a little boy they had together, both under four.  Allen loved that little girl with all his heart.  Calling me one day he related that he had a cramp in his shoulders and neck.  When I asked him why, he told me that she slept with him and his wife.  Maybe sleeping for him wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.  She wrapped her tiny body around his head so that he couldn’t move and he lay like that all night long. 

His sense of family was wonderful.

Here’s where you can use your imagination.  Imagine a big Navy Seal helping his favorite granddaughter learn ballet.  Now imagine her little three-year-old tutus on both his muscular arms.  They fit fine there, one on each arm.  Now think about the necklaces he had to wear to look good in the tutus.  Oh yeah, and the makeup. 

Now think about the doorbell ringing.  You got it.  He answered the door just like that without one explanation.  This man who fought for our country was now talking to a religious sect of two men outside his front door.  Allen loved learning and this was a time to learn about another’s religion.  He listened patiently until they were finished and then went back into the house to complete his ballet recital with his granddaughter.

That’s why he was loved and that was and is my brother.

Da Juana