My Daddy, A Ghost Now

My daddy, a ghost now, is why this psychic medium is writing today. For any who’ve lost a loved one especially a parent you know how I feel when I go to pick up the phone to call my daddy. You’ve probably done it as well.

It’s been years since my father died but still two days ago I started to retrieve my phone from my purse to give daddy a call about some little something. Luckily I stopped before I picked the bag up because I was riding in Richard’s truck and he gets to tease me enough. With tears about to hit my eyes I noticed Richard was watching and I explained that I almost called daddy.

This big man very softly told me to call daddy. And he says he doesn’t believe in what I do but the gentleness in his voice reaffirmed that he truly does. The minute he gave me his permission I heard my daddy say, “I’m here baby.” Daddy didn’t start calling me baby until a couple of years before his death or as he says, his rebirth.

I told Richard that he’d just answered me so I was okay. My only problem was that it happened again a couple of hours later. Holding back tears wasn’t easy that day because sometimes you miss what you perceive to be the physical presence of your father. You see I think we’re all living an angels dream and acting out much as if we’re in a spiritual play.

It didn’t occur to me until much later that the ghost in the house who woke me at three thirty AM and wasn’t my cat was my father. He told me the next day after my getting up at the time, glancing around and finding that the dog and cat were still asleep in their beds, then going back to sleep. I was just too tired to make it into the den to check out who the person was making so much noise moving things around.

Of course they were still in the same place the next morning but the memory was there and he mentioned it was him which was comforting. Though I know I’m a medium I forget that all I have to do is give him a spiritual call and if he’s not busy he’ll take the time to talk. I haven’t gone for the phone again but I’m sure I will sometime soon when this psychic and medium needs to speak with her daddy.

Da Juana Byrd