My daughter….

My daughter was supposed to come visit last weekend but at the last moment had to change plans.  Claude and I both were disappointed.  And I know she was too.More...

The Texas wildfires stopped her visit.  You wouldn’t think that something like that would be the cause of her staying away but it was.  If you haven’t heard about the wild fires, they burned more than one hundred twenty two thousand acres, left three dead and more devastation for counties already hit hard by nature.  Fire is something so helpful to man but can be horrendous as well.  Even after the rain, and we got some rain, the fire was still going.  How could that be?

The reason our daughter couldn’t make it wasn’t because she couldn’t get through on the interstate but rather because of the smoke we endured for a couple of days.  Last week the skyline of Fort Worth was un-seeable due to smoke and dust from the west.  Our little Madeline only went out about three times that day but still had smoke all over her hair.  And supposedly we were a ways from the fire.  Our youngest grand had RSV as a baby and still gets it from time to time.  Smoke is the worst culprit. 

My belief is that nothing happens by accident.  Smoke keeping our daughter from traveling might have been a good thing.  An example of this was that we had to go to the Mid Cities in the Fort Worth area for an appointment.  My cell phone, which had been fully charged when I went to get a shower, showed run down completely when I picked it up to leave minutes later.  For some reason I decided I needed my cell to go with me, partially because I heard someone Claude didn’t tell me not to leave without it.  When I decided to get it right before it was fully charged in order to make our appointment, I heard, “Let it fully charge.”  And then.  “There are no accidents.  There could be a car accident on fire in front of you and you don’t need to be early because you could be in it.  If you don’t listen to us, what do you need me for anyway?”  So, I let the phone charge.

Later as we drove, I decided to take a route I generally don’t, looked up and saw smoke from a fire but it seemed far away.  Of course on the interstate, it’s not that far but I continued to drive that way even though I’d also heard that I should take an alternate route.  Not even a little bit stubborn, am I.  Anyway, the fire was from an accident Claude and I would have probably been at least close to, kept us from being at our appointment on time.  We had to use the route I should’ve taken at first.

Moreover, people on the interstate wouldn’t let the fire trucks and ambulances get by to put out the fire.  Guess each of us have more important things to do than let public servants do their work.  Besides, it might make us late.  I can’t believe that type attitude.  Bet if it was someone they loved, they’d let caring paramedics go by.

Maybe later our babies will be able to come visit.  I’m truly looking forward to that.

Da Juana