My dead brother seemed to enjoy Memorial Day weekend.

My dead brother seemed to enjoy Memorial Day weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours.

I really hate to use the term, which I’ve been guilty of doing, “Happy,” by saying “Happy Memorial Day, when referring to having a good time because, after all, the reason behind this weekend isn’t one of happiness.

As you know, I’ve had three family members that I know of who’ve served in the armed forces, my father, my brother and my favorite uncle who died while in service during peace time. All three have since left the physical behind but my favorite uncle’s back in body now although that’s a story for another time.

Because of it being Memorial Day weekend, I think I had my father and brother on my mind more than usual and I’ve really been missing them. That happens when you’re the one left behind but it’s also part of the human experience.

At any rate, I even said some things to my brother, knowing that he’d hear but not sure that he’d answer, prior to leaving my desk to let my girls go out for a potty break. He’s been kind of quiet where I’m concerned lately but he’s talked to others I know, just not me or, at least, I haven’t heard him (more likely the cause), good medium I am.

Anyway, I can’t help but notice anything out of the ordinary when I get up from my desk because it’s light and clean under there. The top of my desk might now be very neat but the bottom is.

The girls did their duty and after a brief sit in the sun, we all returned into the house, me back to my desk. That’s when I saw it. The funeral notice that was given at my brother’s funeral was lying right where I’d have to put my feet in order to put them under the desk.

Now, here’s the logical part. That picture has come out of the drawer next to my feet one other time but that’s when it was opened and air, I think, evacuated it. This time the drawer had remained closed. Oh, and one other small note, when it’d come out before, I’d read it and put it at the bottom of the drawer with all kinds of stuff on top just to keep it safe.

Now, the illogical part: How did that picture get out of my desk onto the floor right after my one-sided conversation with my brother? Answer is: Ghosts defy logic. I was grateful to hear from my brother even if it wasn’t the conversation for which I yearned.

Da Juana

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