My dead brother…..

Yesterday I had reason to call on my dead brother to help me find something for his family.  His wife called and told me that she was looking for a piece of very important paper.More... 

Of course I told her what I saw and after getting off the phone mentioned to my brother that I needed his help.  When Claude and I came home and got settled at our desks, Madeline, our baby puppy, sat with her back to us looking down the hall, barking and acting as if someone was in the house.

She’s done this before when a ghost visited but used to do this when my brother was alive and around her.  Madeline couldn’t be quieted no matter what I said to her and she kept looking at the same spot as if someone was there. 

Claude asked what was wrong with her.  And I mentioned that it was probably a ghost, as usual.  Then he asked which ghost to which I answered my brother.  After which I added that he had always messed with her and seemed to be doing it again.  Right after that, I got more information to give his wife.

It’s funny how the other side does things.  My brother’s visit was nice but I’d like to be able to hug him again the way I used to do, all six feet four inches.  We’ll get around to it again one day in another life.

Da Juana