My dead brother’s birthday….

Sunday was my dead brother’s birthday.More... 

He was very young when he went to the other side last year, as you know.  When I awakened on Sunday, I immediately gave him birthday wishes and went about my work. 

On that particular day I had to mow as part of my work schedule.  While mowing, I continued to see a man almost run into me on my left side.  Each time I braced myself for the collision and looked that way but there was nothing there.  Finally, on the side next to my neighbor’s fence, my brother walked through their fence into the wall of my home in front of me and said “hi sister.”  Sister meant mother for him because I became his surrogate parent when he was three. 

It was nice to see him.  Even though I miss him physically very much, his returning to assure me he is okay on the other side means so much to me.  I can see how others might be affected by my being able to speak with their dead loved ones.

My other brother’s birthday came two days later.  Both are very intelligent Virgo’s and both are still alive although only one is physical.  The thing I miss most is being able to hug my six foot four non physical brother.

Da Juana