My dog and cat made this Psychic Medium smile.

Today this psychic and medium wants to mention things that have made me smile in the last few months. You know that I believe life is psychic. Smiling is really psychic and well, being a medium, which I love, brings all new prospects to make me smile although they may sometimes be in the middle of something very serious.

My cat and dog made me smile around Thanksgiving while traveling to my babies’ house. The cat came down with a bladder infection (serious) that we could see, blood and all. So she got to go too even though she hates traveling. So after giving her Benadryl as her vet suggested to take the edge off and allow her to sleep through the long trip we had her installed in her cat crate with one of her favorite blankets.

She did sleep for about ten minutes before the yowling started. Most know that when you have a bladder infection you feel as if you need to go all the time. Thinking that was what it was, I told her that she needed to go tee tee the crate but if you’ve ever had a cat you know they’re more fastidious than that.

By the way this is my first time to have an indoor cat (only had one other outside cat when I was a child) and though I hate to admit it now, I’ve never been much of a cat person. Don’t hate me. I’ve always loved dogs. But now I have a yellow cat.

Well my white dog loves her sister but she doesn’t let her get very close. She’s learned what claws are and she’s only half the size of the cat. The yellow cat wants to love on little white dog (sounds like a song). That hasn’t happened since she was an orphan feral kitty that momma brought in from the cold for Richard. You see he loves all animals too.

Back to the story but you really needed the backstory to understand what happened.

While Bird Cat was safely ensconced in her cat crate and hopped up on dope to keep her excitement levels down, she did the unthinkable. I heard her open part of her kitty carrier. While I was the proud parent thinking my little girl was so intelligent that she could figure that out on her own from inside the crate. Her uneasy sister was thinking, “Oh God, I’m glad she’s in that carrier” but it sounds as if she’s escaping.

She continued to yowl while proceeding on her jail break. In the backseat, I heard the unmistakable sound of the other part of the door coming open as well. Looking over at Richard I mentioned we had an escape artist right behind us. Quietly she pushed open the door and staggered out as if she’d been on a three-day drunk.

We were driving the speed limit but it happened to be around seventy-five so coming out of that crate wasn’t easy. She staggered across the seat while looking at mother as if she could use some help.

I don’t know about you but I teach all my animal friends to ask for what they want and she did. Holding out my hand I told her that I’d help her jump to the front seat where the white dog and I sat. Gabrielle was napping on a pillow in my lap. I picked Birdie up enough that she could step over onto the console which she did. She acknowledged daddy, then looked down at her sister and back at me.

Still touching her to keep her steady, she looked out the windshield and decided she needed to lie down too.

She stepped onto the pillow and momma asked that Gabrielle move over a little to let her sister sleep beside her to which my sweet little dog answered, “No ******* way.”

Birdie waited for a little while to let little white dog move. While waiting and after what she considered sufficient time she found a little area between Gabrielle and the console, then dropped as if she were a rock. Half her body was on Gabrielle around the middle of my dog’s body and encompassing her tail as well. Like any good mother I looked at Gabrielle and mentioned that Birdie had asked first and my little white dog hadn’t moved expressing it was her own fault.

They lay like that for a while. Finally Gabrielle gave up and struggled out from under her sister, then turned around gave yellow cat a kiss on the mouth and got comfortable again beside Birdie. They slept like that for a while. This psychic, medium mother was proud and I smiled.

Da Juana Byrd