My dog, Madeline, placed them before her death.

This sounds bad but I’ve left the toys on the floor where my dog, Madeline, placed them before her death.

Oh yeah! Gabrielle has played with them too which hurts tremendously when I see her pick up one of Madeline’s favorites like duck duck, ground hog or skunk tail but I know it’s familiar to her as well and she loves them too. So I don’t say anything but I can’t bring myself to play with those particular toys at this time with Gabrielle.

Madeline’s favorite misshaped baby bear and baby dog along with the two balls she carried all the time are in a drawer. When I can’t stand it anymore I go and pull baby bear out to get her scent and cuddle on my shoulder just as she did.

Gabrielle isn’t a cuddle bunny like Madeline with her Aries sun, Libra moon and Leo ascendant although she wants to be close and to play as much as I will.

But here’s the thing. Madeline always put her toys in a certain pattern on the floor as did Mysti and the two were quite different. Madeline made angles and straight lines while Mysti made circles. Both sat their toys up in the manner in which the living animal would sit or stand.

A few nights ago, after playing with Gabrielle, we went to bed as usual. The unusual thing was after going to the gym and sitting down with a rich cup of coffee I noticed that the toys haphazardly thrown around the night before were in angles and straight lines now. Gabrielle hadn’t played with them since the night before, actually wasn’t in the room at all. I can’t bring myself to move the toys because I know my baby placed them one more time for me.

Love them and hold them while you can no matter who or what they are!

Da Juana

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